Iciar Van den Bergh à Ertvelde

Iciar Van den Bergh in Ertvelde

Thursday 11 February 2010
by Ben Swales
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Iciar Van den Bergh in one of Belgium’s best riders. Holder of four national titles, he is also a force to be reckoned with in the international circuit, having finished ninth in Elite 26” in the European Championships in Zoertemeer.

He has sent us a new video, filmed during a recent training session at the Belaey’s famous indoor spot in Ertvelde (see Wesley Belaey in training & Kenny Belaey indoors). There is also some footage of ten year old Jens Vertongen, who he is training. The teacher gives a lesson in sidehopping, landing on a whopping nine palettes with remarkable ease and style.

Check the video out a bit further down. We took this opportunity to ask Iciar a few questions to found out where he’s from and where he’s going, as it were.

Mini-Interview with Iciar Van den Bergh :

JPEG - 147.2 kb Jébegood: Hi! Could you present yourself briefly? Tell us your age, your results, sponsors, riding history…

Iciar Van den Bergh: Yeah, my name’s Iciar Van den Bergh and I’m 20. I’m sponsored by Koxx and I ride a Hydroxx II. I’ve been riding trials for about eight years. I’ve been Belgian Cadet and Junior Champion four times and won two Belgian Cups in Elite. I also came second in the European Junior Cup in Saarbrucken. In Junior, I came sixth in the World Championships the first year I entered. I didn’t ride the following year because I had some problems with the federation, but I was seeded second overall in Junior. And ninth in Elite.

Jb.: What are your aims for this season?

I. V.d.B.: I’m going to start with a new video with Rodrigue Timellini (third place in the 2009 Junior 20” World Championship) and Gil Alkema (third place in the 2009 Junior 20” European Championship). It’s going to be filmed in Egypt! My comp goals: ride inan Elite final, either in the World Cup or the European Championship, and to qualify for the World Championship. Apart form that, I’m studying to become a sports teacher and trainer. I’d like to be a trials and MTB trainer, or to be good enough at trial to make a living from it, but that would be very difficult!

JPEG - 23.7 kb Jb.: We wish you the best of luck with that! Where about do you figure in the Belgian rankings at the moment?

I. V.d.B.: I’m at about the same level as Wesley Belaey, so I’d like to do as well as him in the big competitions.

Jb.: Tell us a bit about your protégé, Jens Vertongen.

I. V.d.B.: Little Jens is great at all bike disciplines: he’s won some MTB and road races, and started riding trials about six months ago. He’s already really good, even though he only rides once a week – he’s very promising!

Jb. : Thanks Iciar and all the best for 2010! We’re already looking forward to your Egyptian video!

I. V.d.B. : Cheers, I’ll keep you posted!

Iciar Van den Bergh’s website:

To get in touch with Iciar or to find out a bit more about him, head over to his website!

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- Screenshots :

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- Iciar in Zoetermeer :

Some superb photos taken by Michel Romen (RideActive.nl) at the European Championships in Zoertemeer, where Iciar finished ninth in Elite!

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