Crash Test de l’Ozonys Cannibal V3

Crash Test of the Ozonys Cannibal V3

Friday 15 April 2011
by Ben Swales
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PNG - 114.6 kb The Tribal Zine team recently put the seven hottest trials bikes of the moment to the test at Buthiers. Among them was the latest new bike from Ozonys, the third incarnation of their famous Cannibal. It keeps its ‘trashy’ look and has been brought up to date, with a cut-away headtube, lightened frame and horizontal dropouts. It hasn’t, however, bowed to the trend of heightened bottom brackets: this ‘bad boy’ is a traditionalist at heart and has kept its moderate geometry. We were excited to test this new version after having tested the V2 at the end of 2009(Trial Mag Issue 43). We thought it was a safe bet that this bike would be good! We can sum up our feelings after this test in two words: “understated strength”; it’s a stiff, versatile bike capable of matching the most modern bikes in any setting. So how did we get on?

The ‘bad boy’ light:

- Aesthetic and technical considerations:

PNG - 327.6 kb This is the third version of this comp beast, which came onto the market just three months ago. The first thing we noticed was that the frame has retained its classic lines and the graphics are in the same spirit as those of the previous model. No complaints there! This ‘bad boy’ isn’t as discreet as the other bikes we tested: It’s a bike that will be noticed, with it’s black finish (now anodised) and the trashy graphics that adorn the top tube. A touch of fluro green has been added to spice things up a bit. And it looks great! The reinforcements at critical points inspire confidence in the frame’s resilience. The V shaped seat tubes are still there, stiffening up the centre of the bike, which now has a new machined yoke. Up front, the top and down tubes almost form a single tube, a bit like on a Curve. A long weld holds them together and strengthens the join.

JPEG - 278.3 kb JPEG - 159.2 kb

Still at the front, the frame has bowed to the trend a little, adopting a cut-away headtube, with more material taken out that on most of the other bikes on test. This gives it a more ‘compy’ look. The fork is an old favourite: The ever-reliable Trialtech Sport HS33. The headtube is semi-integrated, which we like. The beautiful Bonz hub draws our eye; it is classy and remarkably finished, with some nice anodising. It’s a lovely bit of kit. The spokes are laced radially, but that doesn’t worry us: It seems rigid enough and doesn’t move when we flex it. JPEG - 120.1 kb The rear hub is pretty special too and it’s body is very thin. At the rear end, the variable geometry dropouts, which in the end didn’t bring much to the bike, are gone, replaced with the tried and tested horizontal dropouts and snail cams. The cams rest on bolts in the dropout, which can be easily replaced if they wear down. A nice touch. The geometry remains moderate; equivalent to the middle setting on the old dropouts. The remaining components are taken from the Bonz Pro Light range, developed by Bruno Arnold and his team. The rims, with their large square holes, remind us of the Viz rims that the old model sported and of which we were quite fond. The platform pedals have a refreshing design and surprising grip. They come with replacement pins and a small key for taking them out. Some riders may find that they lack a bit of support on the outside of the foot, thanks to the bevelling there. Nothing to add about the forged stem, which is perfect for this bike at +40mm. We’re more drawn to the bars that they hold. There is a lot of rise, as you’d expect to see on a street bike, not necessarily on a bike like this. JPEG - 122.1 kb We were a bit surprised by this, but they feel great so, “fair enough”, we thought. The tiny alu half ring that protects the freewheel is finely machined and detailed. Once more at the rear, we find the same green pads in plastic backings as on the V2, which showed themselves to be very high-performing over the two days of our test. These are the new Bonz brake pads – keep an eye out for them! There is less material than on a lot of pads, but the performance is there, with plenty of bite, even in the rain. They are fitted into the new 2011 HS33 brakes, which adorn most of the bikes we tested. They feel a bit spongier than the old models and we found adjustments a bit tricky at the lever as the bolt was bit inaccessible. These brakes were fitted with the short levers, which didn’t present any problems with the braking. The tyres are Maxxis High Roller Lights with a non-folding bead: the body offers plenty of rebound and they’re light and grippy. They’re always there, even on little technical lines under a battering rain. So, time for the weigh in! Has the Cannibals new diet done it any good? In a word, yes! It has lost 500g in comparison with the V2 and weighs in at 9kg! The price is similar too, and sits comfortably in the current high-end range. €1,799 for the full HS33 version.

JPEG - 316.6 kb


JPEG - 290.4 kb JPEG - 297.7 kb JPEG - 314.1 kb JPEG - 320.6 kb

- Specification and geometry:

Frame Cannibal V3 6061 T6 aluminium
Fork Trialtech Sport HS 33
Stem Bonz Pro Light 130mm x 25°
Headset Bonz Pro Light semi-integrated
Handlebar Bonz Pro Light 720mm
Grips Foam
Front brake Magura HS 33
Rear brake Magura HS 33
Pads Bonz green
Cranks Trialtech Sport forged 175mm
Pedals Bonz Pro Light 6061 CNC aluminium
Freewheel Bonz Pro Light 18t
Freewheel protection Bonz Pro Light 7075 T6 aluminium
Sprocket Bonz Racing 15t splined 7075 CNC aluminium
Front Rim Bonz Pro Light 32mm / 28h, rectangular holes
Rear Rim Bonz Pro Light 47mm / 32h, rectangular holes
Front Hub Bonz Pro Light 28h
Rear Hub Bonz Pro Light 32h splined cannelé 7075 aluminium
Nipples black anodised aluminium
Front Tyre Maxxis High Roller Light 2.2 42a
Rear Tyre Maxxis High Roller Light 2.5 42a
Spokes butted 2/1.6/2mm black anodised 7075 aluminium
Rim Tape black or white
Wheelbase 1075mm
Chainstay length 378mm
BB Height +40mm

- Close-ups:

JPEG - 141.6 kb JPEG - 219.1 kb JPEG - 167.2 kb JPEG - 149.8 kb JPEG - 118.4 kb JPEG - 207.9 kb JPEG - 149.3 kb JPEG - 153.2 kb JPEG - 148.2 kb JPEG - 181.7 kb JPEG - 177.9 kb

A comp bike for the masses:

- The field test:

JPEG - 709.9 kb So, on with the test proper. We were unanimous in saying that we felt at home straight away on this bike. The high front end is comfortable and pleasant, lending plenty of confidence to the rider. The feeling of lightness is immediate, especially in comparison with the old model, which was heavier at the front. The same great feeling that we had on the V2 is still there: the bike is very rigid and extremely well balanced. The lightweight frame and equipment, coupled with a well-thought out ride position, mean that the bike is easily manageable and makes things a lot easier for the rider. It pops onto the back wheel without even thinking and is extremely reactive and flickable; so much so that some of us wondered whether it might be better with an 18-16 setup, but hey, that’s down to preference and the classic 18-15 is fine!

We head off to find some big steps, where the Cannibal shows itself to be responsive and obedient when tapping or sidehopping, and there is an undeniable improvement over the V2. It performs well on hooks too; the high bar and stem helps with pulling the bike up underneath you. Riders who are after pure performance may want to try a more ‘classic’ bar/stem combo however, in order to gain a bit of precision. The ‘traditional’ geometry of this bike meant that it wasn’t quite as ‘enthusiastic’ as some of the other, higher bikes on test and you had to put a bit more effort in to get up stuff. But it does make the bike a bit more accessible and easier to get to grips with, and who’s afraid of a bit of effort anyway? It’s good for you!

JPEG - 243.9 kb

JPEG - 263.6 kb It was when gapping that the Cannibal really came to the fore. When setting up on the rear wheel and kicking off, the response from the pedals is phenomenal: the Cannibal really throws itself across! Gaps to front are just as efficient, you can really plant the front wheel and the shape of the bar really helps you to get your weight right over the stem. Our testers loved it!

With the big moves out of the way, we set ourselves a few sections to really see how the Cannibal performed ‘in the field’. The impressive stiffness of the whole mean that it can be quite physically demanding, but also very efficient and precise, giving an extremely reactive bike overall which responds to your every movement. This stiffness is fast becoming Ozonys’ trademark: it is impossible to find fault with it and this bike has clearly been created with competition in mind.

- The test in pictures:

JPEG - 298.7 kb JPEG - 302.4 kb JPEG - 324.3 kb JPEG - 256.2 kb JPEG - 225.1 kb JPEG - 248.1 kb JPEG - 326.7 kb JPEG - 272 kb JPEG - 281.3 kb JPEG - 332 kb JPEG - 325.9 kb JPEG - 275.9 kb

- In summary:

This well-behaved bike with a bad boy image has undeniably improved with time. This third incarnation remains versatile and effective; a bike with real character than will surprise you with how easy it can make things. You’ll feel at home on it the minute you swing your leg over it and the high front end make rear and front wheel moves an absolute joy! It is aimed at a wide audience; a comp bike for the masses. Riders looking for a versatile, manageable and playful bike need look no further; this bike is a real pleasure to ride! If you liked the V2, the V3, with it’s pure comp spec, will bowl you over. It performs impeccably, is light, durable and built for fun!

JPEG - 269.2 kb

More info:
- Ozonys - [email protected]
- Sphère Bike - [email protected] - 06 83 67 66 77

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