Quinte Flush Trial à Buthiers

A Straight Flush at Buthiers

Friday 14 May 2010
by Ben Swales , Richard Furlong
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PNG - 318.4 kb Trial Mag Section 45 is still in the shops and is putting the spotlight on bikes like never before! For the first time in the history of the number one Trials mag, it’s bike trials which is on the front page, with the rider who has been making waves in the last few months and who has brought trials an audience of the likes it has never seen before: Danny Macaskill! The star is the subject of an exceptional and enthralling seven-page interview in which he looks back on 2009 and the birth of a buzz which has completely overwhelmed him, he talks of his day-to-day life, his career as a trials rider, his training regime, how he finds inspiration etc…

In this new issue you will also find the most ambitious group test ever seen in this magazine! In the two previous issues, the Tribal Zine team offered you two massive tests of four stock bikes and four mod bikes, and they were all brand new! This edition sets the bar even higher, bringing you an even crazier test: we’re trying out the latest 5 stock bikes which hit the market at the beginning of this year: the Inpulse R26, the Koxx Purple Sky, the Rockman Slate 2, the Ozonys Curve 2 and the Monty Kamel XXV!

PNG - 30.6 kb

The four members of our bike test team met up in Buthiers for what was to be a furious game of bike poker - swapping and riding each one and desperately trying to one-up each other. Purely for the love of the sport they braved the harsh winter weather, facing on that February Saturday not only rain, but a snow storm which blocked access to the hallowed spot of French trials in the early hours of the morning! Two aces have been produced from the most recent matches: our tests have brought to your attention the cream of the trials world of late 2009, and then the 2010 vintage 20” bikes. This time, the director of the Testing Team, Laurent Grillon, has an even stronger hand and throws down a straight flush! Our ace testers current European Bike trial Champion Tom Francisco, Jérôme “Jébegood” Randier, Chief Editor of Tribal Zine and Greg Soignon, the “technician” of the team, discovered before their awestruck eyes the five latest trials bikes to hit the market in recent weeks: they are, in order of appearance, the Inpulse R26, the Koxx Purple Sky, the Rockman Slate 2, the Ozonys Curve 26 and the Kamel XXV! You will hear everything about this exceptional group of bikes, the like of which have never been seen before in your Trials mag! So, a Royal Flush?

A few shots from the tests...

The Inpulse R26:

JPEG - 234.3 kb JPEG - 213.1 kb JPEG - 228.7 kb JPEG - 170 kb JPEG - 198.2 kb

The Koxx Purple Sky:

JPEG - 238.9 kb JPEG - 236.1 kb JPEG - 200 kb JPEG - 224.7 kb JPEG - 211.1 kb

The Rockman Slate 2:

JPEG - 227.1 kb JPEG - 241.1 kb JPEG - 215.6 kb JPEG - 197.2 kb JPEG - 186.6 kb

L’Ozonys Curve 26:

JPEG - 225.6 kb JPEG - 218.3 kb JPEG - 222.4 kb JPEG - 202.1 kb JPEG - 229.2 kb

The Monty Kamel XXV:

JPEG - 238.2 kb JPEG - 224.3 kb JPEG - 567.5 kb JPEG - 233.5 kb JPEG - 1.1 Mb

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